My law firm helps individuals and businsess in Sacramento solve difficult legal issues. If you are looking for legal services in one of the following areas, I encourage you to call my office to set up a time to talk. Don't go it alone. Hire a professional that you can trust.

—Rick Morin, Sacramento Attorney
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Practice Areas

I focus my law practice on several high-impact areas of the law. Business law, bankruptcy, ADA lawsuit defense and general litigation.

My firm takes an individualized approach to every case that we handle. Instead of focusing purely on the numbers, we are able to provide valuable service to our clients. Click on each link below to learn about the areas in which we practice.

Business Law

My firm can effectively represent your business in all phases of litigation. Need general advice, legal interpretations, or contract review? We have you and your business covered.


Eliminating or restructuring your debt has never been easier. Let my law firm tackle your financial issues. You will be surprised how easy and cost-effective bankruptcy can be.

ADA Lawsuit Defense

Frivolous ADA lawsuits continue at an astonishing pace in California. I will defend against these shakedown lawsuits and advise you on compliance measures to avoid litigation.


Everyday occurrences like car accidents, breaches of contract, workplace disputes, and others tend to end up in court. I can protect your rights and get you what you deserve.

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